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My Beginnings

My name is Jillian Buck, and Warm Delights Crafts is my small candle business located on Cape Cod.  . 

I have been working with beeswax and making candles since I was a child.  It started with hand dipping tapers and rolling candles from beeswax sheets with my mother, sister, and neighborhood friends.  The special connection and bond developed with loved ones around the candles had an impact on me, and I am able to recapture my childhood joy and excitement when I work with beeswax now.  


My hope is to pass the same joy I find in these candles to others, and fill the world with light, one candle at a time.


Bee on Candle

Bee on Candle

Bee on Honey Bear Candle

Bee in Flower

Bee in Flower

Bee in a Pink Flower



My Candles

My handcrafted candles are made using high quality, all natural beeswax for a clean burning, air purifying experience.  All candles are made in small batches, with color and scent added individually to each batch.  The variety of styles and scents are forever evolving as I discover new molds and work on special projects.  All candle styles are available as lightly scented (my candles are never overpowering) or unscented.  

I choose to work with beeswax because of its many benefits in relation to health and functionality.


It is an all natural wax that releases negative ions into the air, therefore purifying it rather than polluting it.  Because of this, it has been shown to be beneficial for people with allergies and asthma.  It also means that it is the least sooty wax.  


Since beeswax is a hard wax, it takes longer to burn than softer waxes, which means my candles can be enjoyed longer than most mass-produced candles.  


My Packaging

I strive to have a positive impact on the planet in every aspect of my business.  This includes my choice to use beeswax and eco friendly liquid pigment for color, as well as how I package my candles.

In order to prevent more plastic and harmful waste from further damaging the environment, I choose to wrap my candles in a biodegradable shrink wrap.  To keep in line with this, I also purchase labels made from recycled materials.

Whenever possible, I always choose to utilize recycled options.  For my jar-style candles I use recycled wine bottles, which I clean, cut, and sand.  These wine bottles are supplied by the tasting room at Newport Vineyards, where they would otherwise be disposed of at a landfill. 


When shipping candles to their new homes, I reuse boxes and bubble wrap that I have received in packages or that I collect from friends and family.  To ensure each candle reaches its destination safely, I pack each box with recycled newspaper for extra cushion rather than utilizing packing peanuts that will pollute the earth.  

I hope to help the planet shine its brightest both with my candles and the packaging choices I make.


Commitment to Honesty

I strive to be open and honest with all my customers.  This includes the products I use to create as well as my pricing, shipping costs, and payment options. 

Each candle is priced based on weight of the finished product.  This insures a standard pricing based on the amount of beeswax, pigment, and scent needed to create that candle.  Likewise, shipping costs are calculated based on the combined weight of the items in each order with USPS as the shipper.  Since candles are made custom for each order, shipping times may vary.

To keep all my customers and their information secure, payments for all online orders are made via the secure PayPal payment platform.  All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.  

Please contact me via email at warmdelightscrafts@gmail.com or via phone at 508-287-1255 with any questions or concerns.